Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What's Another Year?

I shall wonder not
how you are,
or what you've done
and what you're doing.
I shall assume not
anything that might
restraint my thoughts
and hold me back
from knowing, sharing
and believing.
But I'll wish you all
another year of bliss,
another year of challenges
and adventures
that will take you to
the next level of
who you really are
and want to be.
Happy New Year
to all the bloggers
that lurk within!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Morning Devotion

It is the morning’s run
into an idyllic sun
of one’s clear thoughts
of things and sorts.
I shall live my life
with simple things
and wish for all
the good it’ll bring.

Freak Storm

The days of tomorrow come like yesterdays.
I have a question for you if I may.
Why are the seasons the reasons for change,
and why is change the reasons for today’s seasons?

Me thinks...

This caricature of me was done by a very good friend, Edwin. He is one of the most versatile comic, cartoon artist and illustrator.
I am suppose to be one of the Go Go Girls with my superpower of integrity!
While I wait to save the world, I dream of trees...


When things go wrong as a poem can
I am not quite sure if I have a plan.
As I slouch down the uneasy chair to think
of a word to rhyme just to make it sing.
My head keeps pounding like a railway track,
my wrists are twisted to suit the keys.
The crookedness of all the years on my back
and here I am I can hardly see.
Trying to make the words dance in tune
hoping to make flowers spring and bloom.
Sometimes it gets harder to keep the rhythm
when I’m all over with misplaced rhyme and reason.
I don’t know why I just have to express it,
but I’ll write it down anyway because I’m a wannabe poet.