Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The spiderous woman

The spider is a unique creature
that reminds me of a woman's character.
She spins a solid web to snare,
to what she wants and what she cares.
The fodder that sticks
to her home and lair
are history once she gets her share.
Like the male that loses
his life to a black widow,
the man will do anything
to get into a woman's meadow.
The woman and the spider can spin a nifty web
to hold and store her closet with surprises,
she loves her life and children so dearly
and if a man do come along, he'll taste just fine and dandy.

Roll over

I am cruel,
I am mean.
I embrace my nightmares
and I love my dreams
I think God is a woman
and I know nothing is what it seems.
There are no coincidences
and there are reasons to believe.
Roll over and play dead
or have some tea and bread.
I hate to travel up
and down the road,
to get caught in the human inconsistency.
I'd rather go to a casual undisclosed place
and party spontaneously.
Hmm ... it would be so nice,
it would be so great.
I shall gobble down the cream
and I shall eat my cake.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

And time slips away

Come away, come away
I haven't been here
since yesterday until today.

The hours are long and dreary,
the seconds are short and snappy.

I dream of becoming and then I fall asleep,
my mind is racing and my body is weak.

I wake up with a headache,
I hear my bones shake,
My throat's parch and dry
I'm bewildered by the question 'why'

I know I'm been away, been away
and I miss it all that's garish and gay

But now I'm home, I'm home
in the arms of my own

I want to stay quiet and still
Make my fantasies funny and real

Before I lose my myself in the human race
I shall walk away with the sun in my face

Go away, go away you little impish nuisance
I will not go with you, not for any reason

I love the silliness, the adventurous, the wild
I love things that pull my heartstrings to make me smile