Monday, June 25, 2007

This guy...

I dream of him regularly,
I see someone who looks like him everywhere.
His name is mentioned by strangers,
or appears on a website,
a movie or in a book.
What does he want from me?
Am I in love with him?
I don't think so,
but the thought of him
being with me is quite
fanciful and fun.
I try to erase his image and presence
out of my library of memories
but he never goes away.
Even if I succeed for a while
he comes back again.
He weaves himself through the network of my life
and reminds me all over again.
I can't get by a day without a glimpse
of his face or laughter or touch.
Tell me,
am I paranoid
or am I insane?
Am I smitten
or am I desperate?
Who's he?
This guy won't leave me alone.
Why has he got such a hold on me?
I can feel his energy drawing me to him
and I don't know how it will go from here.
I wonder if he knows what he is doing to me.
I wonder if this guy knows.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The waiter by the doorway

He stands against the wall at the entrance when no customers are in need of his services. He stares into space, longing for things he never had and thinking of everyone back home where life is slow and quiet. He misses that. He never thought he would be waiting tables in a foreign country. Back home he did everything he could to make it through the day. It wasn't much but it was a living. Selling knick-knacks by the roadside to tourists, helping at the family farm, working at sites that needed on the spot workers, he was all of them. He wondered, just like young men his age wondered what was far and beyond the mountains and across the ocean to taste the life of another world.

One day that chance came. A tourist asked him if he would like to work in a restaurant. He was thrilled and nervous to make a decision. He has never been out of his country and this would mean giving up all the comfort of his family and home. Before he knew what he wanted to do, his bags were all packed and ready to leave. In an instant he was flying over the land he knew so well and then the next he was stepping on new grounds with the sweet scent of mystery. As soon as he got off the plane, his new employer ferried him to his work place and was to start as soon as the next day. It was exciting and adventurous working in a restaurant nestled in some upper middle class area and meeting new people.

His eight to ten routine that goes on for six days a week became exhausting and wearisome after six months. He has seen his customers with big cars from big houses that talk about business that runs into millions. He sometimes envies them and sometimes admires them. Every now and then when the crowd was low, he would stand by the doorway and look out into space and think of the mountains, the trees and his family. They were poor by any standards but they were together. Before he could think any further a customer would call him to serve and then his life would roll on for another day until at which time when there was no one to interfere again with his reverie.

Monday, June 11, 2007

In The Name Of Anger

In the name of anger, I swear to God I'll kill.
In the name of anger, I will wipe out all nations, I will!
In the name of anger I can do anything I want.
In the name of anger I'll trash everyone for fun.
In the name of anger all men are not equal.
In the name of anger I am always greater.
In the name of anger you are all nothing but...
In the name of anger my voice is louder because I shout.
In the name of anger who are you to say anything?
In the name of anger who are you to tell me what to do?
In the name of anger I don't know what's the plan.
In the name of anger I shall die without a friend.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Baby, join the army

You march on solid ground
you terrorize the town.
You carry your weapons
you bury the dead.
Sons and daughters
of tomorrow's frown,
I dare you to take on
and join the army parade.
You sing their anthem
you shout out their name,
you get a medal
for dodging bombs.
You stand up tall
you wreck some skulls,
you cry not a tear
when you puke out your gall.
The honor is great,
the joy is greater,
to be patriotic
to be egocentric.
Let's go to war
and fight all evil,
slay down the ugly boars,
kill all the people.
You're in the army baby,
you're serving the nation,
you're a baby in arms,
you, you're that person.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

The sun that hurt my eyes

I came away crying from the hot blazing sun that hurt my eyes when I looked ahead and suddenly realized all things must come to a close ... before anything can be reopened.