Friday, January 18, 2008

Forever Young

Some moments are meant to be remembered, like last night when I was at Dave's Pub. Unplanned and by chance I walked into the pub t look for a friend and ended up having a great time when the played my favorite new age 80s songs and the performer Ben, a one man band, belted out oldies in seven different languages. The Kahlua milk was lovely and the ambience was cheery. I haven't been into a pub for a millions years and I thought it's suppose to be drabby, overcrowded with drunks and stifling with second hand smoke, but it wasn't. Perhaps it was the setting that lead to an outdoor garden helped. Perhaps it was the adult crowd that made it fun. Perhaps it was the positive vibes that created the wonderful ambience.

People were actually chatting, singing along and making a few moves on the make-shift dance floor. I haven't seen a gathering of people making merry this much for a very long time. It was times like these I wished the night would go on forever.

It was a sight to see the majority of old timers being their true youthful selves again, like an old twilight zone series. I have seen younger people getting stressed out in clubbing (the word itself sounds painful) rather than enjoying themselves unconditionally. The old timers didn't have boyfriends or girlfriends to entertain, they were not looking for a pick up or vice versa, they didn't care much for posing, intoxicating or impressing anyone but were just out there to celebrate life.

Maybe the youngsters could learn how to enjoy casual moments like these instead of upsetting them with too much expectations and hangovers. for once.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Small Case Of UTI

Well damnit ... it's Urinal Tract Infection. If you know what it is you'll know what it is. As you grow older everything seems to malfunction ... or is this a pessimistic, cynical or a hackneyed idea of an excuse to make conversations?

Anyway finding out that your body is susceptible to hundreds and thousands of diseases, infections and illnesses is no joy when you hit a certain age of maturity and realization. Gone are the days of wasted youth when life was a flower and all we had to do was bloom. These days, when you are wiser, everything goes missing, adds on generously or shows up in all the wrong places.

When you are at the peak of being irresponsible, it's always cool to stay up late nights, have a little access to eat, drink or smoke and ignore nourishments the body needs. It plays like a awesome movie comparable to Rebel Without A Cause, American Graffiti and The Outsiders, but when you wake up in the morning to see that ugly mug in the mirror you'll know that reality bites deeper than that.

And it won't show until you get tired easily, runs short of breath just like that and find that gorgeous kid you once were only memories of old photographs. So before that happens, before the pay back time comes, before agonizing prematurely, I want to be the first to say I should have drank more water ... but that's kind of late now isn't it? Oww is not even the worst of it.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The delinquent bugs are crazy as sparkplugs

The quiet whir of the computer
and the soft buzzing of the wilderness
keep me company in the dark.
I hear myself thinking about things
and wondering how I should go about it
to make another moment in time count
for the small doses of achievements.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Fraser's Hill Gang

Back on the chain gang.

Fraser's Hill As Usual

What a lovely place. What a lovely, lovely place. Sri Selangor at Fraser's Hill to usher in 2008.

That Kind Of Day

Why do we get so mad when a cabbie over charges us? It was one of those days that I met one who put me off although I didn't want to share the negative energy he was emanating. He knew he was making an extra buck from me and I knew I was losing an extra buck to him but the transaction carried on calmly nevertheless.

I guess most of us don't mind parting with an extra dollar or two when it comes to the role of wealth distribution. What can a dollar do for us these days like it used to back then when it could buy us a decent meal? It's not so much about the money, usually, that irks us as much as the other person taking advantage of us.

We never liked the idea of getting cheated, swindled or bamboozled. It reflects on how vulnerable we are to the way of the world and to the subjugation of the system. Aphorisms like 'that's the way of the world' or 'everyone has to make a living' are quick becoming stale and trite because we don't need that anymore.

The vicious cycle has to stop now. No more repetition of the ugliness we claim to be inevitable is true anymore than we really believe that it is. But then again fighting back with armaments and artilleries are no better than allowing such megalomaniacs run our countries.

If everyone of us is hit by the new wave of consciousness that is sweeping across the universe, perhaps we would all step back and give a little more space for everyone else to breathe.

When that time comes people who begin their day by indulging in pessimistic outlook may find themselves all alone. Perhaps even be intimidated by those who believe that having a good life doesn't need to include lying, cheating, terrorizing and stealing someone else's abundance.