Friday, May 23, 2008

Segregated By A Fault Line

Generally, people are united when left to live in peace. They only become segregated when they are taught to disassociate themselves according to what they believe, what they eat and what they think.

In our past histories leaders have been known to use that paradigm of divide and conquer. By instilling fear in their subjects they manage to keep everything under their control and within their jurisdiction. Up until recent times, people actually are convinced that that is the only way to achieve peace and harmony. But as the time shifts with new forms of consciousness and awareness the people of the world are beginning to break out of their fabricated realm.

From the time The Matrix shook everyone into a concept of possibilities we began to stir from the boundaries of 'what ifs'. It actually made some of us think. With other masters of creative powers who challenge us to question life from various point of views we are also plunged into a series of tosses and turns to find the answers. And since the internet came into realization more people are able to reach out to those who share corresponding thoughts whether they are unschooled, unenlightened or subjugated.

To be told that we are no more than puppets, slaves or minions won't cut it today. Everyone has a fair share of opportunity to acquire just as much knowledge as everyone else now. New ideas are rapidly flourishing on the cyber world, from peer to peer file sharing to contemporary methods of copyrighting, exposing corruptions and business dealings, metaphysics to spirituality, and a host of sites to teach, to learn, to inspire are all out there to make us come together. One way or the other.

Unjust rulers and domineering dictators are trembling from their thrones and calling everything that is not working to their advantage the devil's work. If we were told that in the 15th century we might still believe it's true. But at this moment in time, we are beginning to realize that the devil does not have horns, a tail and a pitch fork because it is always in disguise.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Lover's Return

So alone in the wilds,
like a meek little child,
springing high and free...
trudging home.

I can roar like the wind,
blowing cool and supreme,
to a place across the meadows...
flying home.

Breaking out in the storm,
to a place that is warm,
it is me...
coming home ... to you.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Day Malaysia Came Together

On the 3rd and 4th May KLAB was launched for the first time in the Central Market Anexxe. Organized by Amir Muhammad and Zulhabri Supian this is the first of the sorts of an Alternative Bookfest.

There were four book launches, independent artists, writers, artists, singer-songwriters, filmmakers, activists, dancers and lovers of many other forms. If you had been there you would see the true Malaysia materializing right before your very eyes. Unlike other fests or fairs everyone who was there was happy being there promoting their own products or services. And the most beautiful part of it all were the people. There was no segregation, no distinction, no division of any kind. Everyone was doing what they do best without trying to dominate the other.

Such a scene is rare and almost non existent in many parts of the world. But people are beginning to realize earth is theirs to discover and embrace and its the people's right to choose the life they want.

KLAB may be a small niched celebration but someday it's going to be a major event for many people and many countries in the world. This is where the energy is, the camaraderie, the sharing of the creative, imaginative and artistic and this is what Malaysia could be when everyone is ready.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Benign, benign
are the days
that are fleetingly gone.
Away from the home
and coming back
to strange quarters.
Malignant, malignant
are the things
we consume and embrace
to our hearts and souls
to our bodies and minds.
Be kind, be kind
to the ones in need,
and those who seek
for a pillow,
and a blanket.
Be awake, be awake
when you're losing sleep
over disconcertion,
going in circles
to a misdirection.

Monday, May 12, 2008

How Do We Know?

In what eye we hold beauty for the beholder?
In what heart we decide to call it home?
How do we measure love's true adventure?
How do we know how much we've changed and grown?
Dare we share the truth we've discovered?
Dare we spread what we think we know?
Shall we tell our heart's most intimate desires?
And raise our glasses to what we don't know!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I Am A Mattress

My breasts are a pillow
to my lover.
My stomach is
a resting place.
My arms are a blanket
to his sorrows,
and his dreams
are buried in my face.
My legs are a bolster
to his energies.
My back is a comforter
to his bones.
My pudenda is
his wayward fantasies,
and my mystical touch
keeps him home.
I am a woman
to his body.
I am an angel
in his world.
I am a sinner
in his ecstasy,
I am a mattress
to his soul.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Donning on dead animal skin is for Neanderthals

How can anyone wear fur when they know it came from some kind of animal which has been tortured and killed in cold blood with no mercy? Even back in those days without the internet and instant communication evidence of these inhumane animal abuse has been recorded and reported by dedicated animal lovers. Why are people still blind to this form of exploitation and call it fashion when they know for certain how animals are explicitly harmed for their skin?

Are celebrities, models, superstars and fashion designers really that insensitive to want to continue demanding for fur and disregard the excruciating deaths of these innocent creatures? Have they no sense? Have they no heart? After all these times can people still be so barbaric? I wonder.

Most people of the world have awoken from a state of inertia which was pervaded by the people of power. What we used to believe in before is now crumbling like dominoes with a reaction faster than we can perceive. Callous individuals who are out there to make a fast buck at other people's or animal's expense can be immediately expose with greater consequence.

Everyone now has the power within their reach to make the change and recreate the world we want to be in. No more oppression. No more domination. And no more justifications for the injustices of the world.

Let us begin that journey.