Monday, June 30, 2008

People Who Know And People Who Don't

There are two kinds of people in the world. They are people who know and people who don't.

The people who don't are simply people who are reluctant to know because they think knowing too much is bad for health. So they choose not to know and that's the end of it.

People who know are divided into two groups. Those who know and do something about it and those who don't.

Those who don't are simply those who couldn't be bothered with doing anyhting because they think it takes too much from them to do it anyway. So they choose not to do it and that's the end of it.

People who know and do something about it are divided into two groups. Those who do it with love and those who it do for all the wrong reasons.

Those who do it for all the wrong reasons are people who are overwhelmed by the fact that they know so much they ignore everything else because they think they already know. Which, in truth, brings them back to square one with the people who don't know. So they choose not to do it for all the wrong reasons and that's the end of it.

People who know and do it out of love are divided into two groups. Those who do it out of love because they know love and those who do it out of love but they don't know love.

Those who do it out of love but they don't know love are people who are always expecting something in return and are easily disappointed and will eventually give up and go back to being people who don't know because they have tried but failed. So they choose not to continue doing it with love because they don't know love and that's the end of it.

In the end there are only people who do it because they know love and love knows no boundaries.

So how much do you know?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

St. Dalfour is to Die For

The first time I tasted St. Dalfour in the promotion miniature bottles I fell in love with the Wild Blueberry and Black Cherry. It's immoral to even refer to the preserves as jams because they are not the jelly filled mush we get at the stores that mimic the taste of fruits.

Every spread is a generous dollop of real fruits that are simply luscious and you can't help but smile like a kid who's tasted candy for the first time. It's scrumptious to the very last morsel. In my previous blog about food that make you smile, this is one of them that's a must try if you have a sweet tooth, a jam lover, a fruit lover or a lover of al things good and wonderful.

It goes well with bread, scones, ice cream, salads, fruits, vegetables, biscuits, dishes and all kinds of desserts. Emm mmm...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dream Of The Wayward Child

The dreams do come
in folds & creases,
fluttering images
& interwoven messages.
Fleeting moments,
spanning the timeline,
quick sequences
in my mind's defenses.
They bring on visions,
in panoramic view,
incredible perceptions
& discarded stills.
In a soundproof room
with voiceless people,
of pandemonium & noises
swirling with dances.
Everything in a flash,
a purposeful journey;
gone again in a dash
into an unknown territory.
A fly by night scene
filmed on budget.
The world's a city of dreams
if you can find it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

We Are All Destined To Die

The times of pain are only too real
when it turns from day to day.
The wounds will open and then heal,
come rain or shine, come what may.
I like to dream of unreachable stars,
beyond my scope of being human.
I can't believe I've traveled this far
towards life's one and only destination.
But the journey sometimes confuses me
with things of love and anger and disappointment.
If only I could be completely free
I might close my eyes and not think of reasons.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Happening: The 3 minutes rebate or minimum 2 hours wait if you want cash

Everyone was excited. There were all kinds of people gathering at the source of the phenomenon. Old and young alike. From the fairly well informed to the poorly notified clusters. Papers were passed out and people took them and followed the instructions very carefully and meticulously lest they be denied and rejected.

Strangers became instant friends asking each other about the event that is going to change their lives. No one took noticed of the other person's ethnic group and everyone spoke various languages just to make some small talk while waiting anxiously for their turn.

We exchanged stories, histories, a peek at each other's numbers and anything else to keep our sanity going in the overcrowded room that has doused the air conditioning into a trickle of zephyr. I sat there since 10.30 am and the number in my hand was 1538 and the ones that were up then were 1157. It can't take too long, I thought to myself. I mean, look at them, they are quite efficient. There were stamping sounds, murmurings, occasional announcements without the PA system and people swarming in more and more by the minute.

My mom was exhausted and we decided to leave everything and come back again within the hour since the number has only popped up to the 12oos. It was almost twelve noon. We did some errands and rounds and came back to some 1300s and there was no sign of acceleration but a gradual ping of the digits. I told my mom to go back home, feed my father and have her lunch and I'd call her. There was no other way.

I took a break at the restaurant and waited. I should have brought something with me to read, to write, to anything but stare in the sacredness of the emptiness I was feeling. I dread going back inside. I knew what to expect. If it were up to me I wouldn't even bother but I had to do it for mom.

I called her again and she returned, looking refreshed and rested. We gaze at the queue, which was never ceasing, always swelling up like a bad wound. Some of the people were exhausted by then. But those who just entered continued to fill the room with anxieties and queries no one could answer except an officer who kept telling everyone this is how the government want it and they is nothing more and nothing less he could do.

Some of the people around me whispered about the government's intent and that this sort of thing was only temporary. One man said to a woman, you just got to get what they give before it's too late. It was a scary thought. After twelve thirty the tempo sped up. My heart went along with it. 1520 ... I was counting ... 1521 ... my head was swirling with madness and I could almost cry out with joy. 1525. 1530. 1534. 1536. I told my mom to go to the counter to prepare for the great escape. 1537. 1538. It finally came at 1pm. My mom stood beside me while the lady at the counter took our form and processed the data. She took mom's hand and thumb printed her. And then she dished out RM625 for us and we thanked each other.

We walked out of the post office and breathed fresh polluted air and I thanked god it was all over: the happening scarier than Night Shyamalan could ever imagine.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Father: The Man Who Could Not Dream

Father who is one with nature.

My father's healing surgery from May 14th
after a fall which fractured his spine.

A poem

My father's dreams may be forgotten,
but his silent tenderness is swathed with love.
The sound advice and level headed decisions,
the joy he gives is the best he serves.
His strength withstands falls and winters,
his unconditional support lasts all spring.
Our lives are blessed with year long summers,
My father, the man, who gave us his dreams.
For a day of happiness, for us,
for a good life, for a moment of peace.
The darkness he treads on barefooted
are decorated with fervent bliss.
To think a man who has lived in vain,
with all his days that are watered down,
but if it hadn't been for his refrain
we would have never stood our ground.
For a man who has not much to dream
he has the riches of a lifelong scheme.
For a man whose deeds have gone unclaimed,
tis, my father, who'll always be in my book of fame.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Like Gold

In the morning,
when the sun rises,
my backyard is lighted up like gold.
The lemon tree sparkles
while the palm tree glitters
and the birds flutter in the cold.
The mynahs are building a nest
the kingfishers take turn to feed.
The bulbuls play their fancy games
the sparrows hop and leap.
I pause and ponder
and wonder how I've come this far.
My mom's busily cooking
and my dad's calmly reading.
I sit and stare at everything
glistening perfectly like gold.
It's sufficient,
it's magnificent.
The silence is unassuming
and the love is simply breathtaking,
and I can't quite imagine
how simple it all can be told
when you're surrounded
by people and things that radiate
like gold.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Megalopolis for Megalomaniacs

The coffee is so godamn bitter
and I paid money to drink it.
The cake is so awfully sweet
and I forced myself to eat it.
The traffic is an absurd madness
but I join in with the queue,
the dress is extremely small
and I squeeze in to get my due.

Life in the city
is all about that.
To live the urban life
you first got to be a rat.

The music is delirious
like a vinyl on a skip,
The human need is loquacious
crescendoed by the whip.
I feel like I am drowning
in my stretching financial woes,
My metropolitan babies
are thriving on my throes.

Everyone's buying, grabbing and hoarding,
What else can one do for leisure?
The head is bloated with aspirations of abundance,
The body is stuffed with excess lard and decadence.
The soul is warped with devout sketches,
The heart is eagerly waiting to get more answers.

But that's life in the city
where you go nowhere fast.
When age devours your vanity
just put on some plastic clasp.

Say What You Want

Get me a life
or get me a knife,
to start me living
or leave me dying.
Said the isolated man,
said the unloved woman.

Play me a song
or play me no wrong,
to succor my soul
or wreck my body,
Said the guiltless infant,
said the ragged veteran.

Eat me some food
or drink me some wine,
to starve me for good
or cast me to pine.
Said a recluse someone,
said a pompous everyone.

Let in the sun,
and bring on the rain,
Let me die young,
and bring no shame,
Said the angel of thought,
said the devil of sort.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Toni Kassim: The Woman Who Stops At Nothing, But Stops For Everyone

Like a sunny season,
she is always there.
When we need a fearless warrior
she comes without despair.

Like a soldier marching
she keeps on going strong,
through the bitterness of angels
she moves with us as one.

Can you see her light tonight?
even in the dark
With our eyes half close and dreaming
she leaves us with her heart.
Can you feel her love surround?
like the morning air
It's like a warm and amiable embrace
that takes away the glare.

Long will live her distance
far will her message go.
Her smile catches like a brilliant fire
someday we will know.

(gonna miss you so much...)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In The End

In the end,
in the end,
everything comes to an end.

The major deals,
the sacred kills,
they will all come to nothing
but a forgotten past.
The amassed lucre,
the secured future
they will soon be fleeting
away into dust.

For all the madness
for all the grief,
for all the unnecessary
we create to deceive.

At the close,
at the coda,
everything will take a bow.

For all the anger,
for all the tears,
for all the stupidity
we've kept for all those years.
To be reunited
to be divided,
we go uninvited
to the only place we know.

We live without a clue,
we wander into graves.
We can't even see the hue
of love among our braves.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Dreary Journey Of A Lonely Man

Living by numbers,
we haste our lives through time.
Haunted by our powers...
scamping within signs.

The sign of money,
the sign of times...
Has us all apprehended,
a rumpus in our minds.

Dear people we are mortal,
why then drown our dreams?
Already time comes close to ending,
even before it could begin.

No one can see our island
no one wants to know,
we cannot hear each others silence,
there’s enough noises for the woe.

Don’t jump the gun,
don’t jump off the edge
there are shot guns everywhere...
Don’t carry on
with the same mistake,
don’t leave us in despair...

My choice really

Week after week, day after day,
time passes as though there's no return.
I'm feeling a little queasy and I'm feeling a little low
Like something's going to happen and it would soon show.
The waking is not right, the skies are sombre,
booming away are the sounds the distant thunder.
The heart's out of place, the head is shaking with thoughts,
when I hear a sad sad whisper I know nothing of that sort.
Like everything's coming to an end
the world that I used to know,
My life has not even been lived
and it's already time to go.
Someone's thinking about the same thing
and we are reaching out to each other.
Could it be true that our desires are similar
or should I hold that thought and lie to myself forever?
I sit alone and ponder this moment
as I long for something I haven't got.
I don't know what it is or where it's at,
I only know I've got to live life more than that.
My dog's sleeping with pretty dreams
when I watch him twitch and snore.
How can life be so lonely for anyone
when there's love and so much more.
Reluctantly I hear the call of my destiny
I refuse to believe my dream is not alone.
I could ignore it and miss the opportunity
or I could seize it now and know that I am home.