Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Failing Systems Of Today Will Not Make A Great Tomorrow

The system is falling, the system is falling ... and everyone runs helter-skelter to hide from the event of the 21st century and wait at the sidelines to see what gives. Almost every system that I know or read about is going haywire in today's instantaneous lifestyles. Piracy is deem as P2P sharing, technological gadgets are getting outmoded at the blink of an eye, school students are advancing faster than the teachers can catch on, the hierarchical organizations are on shaky grounds and political bureaucracies are falling apart. It drives some people crazy with desperation just thinking about it, but on the other end of the spectrum another group of people are basking in it. And that leaves the people in between switching sides every five seconds when the tide turns.

I'm wondering if we are prepared for the onslaught of change. Alvin Toffler had the foresight to write a few books about it dating back to 1970, and what he wrote is taking place now like a terrifying science fiction movie. In some countries people are reverting back to reclaim nostalgic moralities, which used to work for their ancestors and are implementing them now, while others who cannot accept the thriving information and communication technology are sabotaging them in more ways than one.

This chaotic syndrome is in need of new systems to supersede the defunct and redundant. But is anyone doing anything about it? Thankfully there are. Though small in quantity some people are beginning to realize the disintegrating tradition, culture and morality, as we know it. Understanding will solve more problems than using force to oppress a nation back into the ideology of 1984 or THX 1138. Whatever future we want to live in, it is now that we must anticipate the wave that is gradually building up and know what we are going to do about it before we are swept away by the failing systems.

One final do

Betty and I: the July babies closing off the month.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Isn't it a wonder why we're all fragmented
when we are so used to cut and paste
or sometimes we just copy and paste
if we are not already at our plug and play?
We go on with our lives to point and shoot
dominate others while we divide and conquer
and make the weak believe that rules are hard and fast
and confuse the rest with love and marriage?
Will people ever wake up to the cock and bull
they hear from the rich and famous
or the powerful and strong
and realize they are being fooled by politics and religion?
Everyone wants to see only the fine and dandy
spic and span, cute and cuddly, bold and beautiful
when they should discover if they're actually dead or alive
while they can still reach out and touch someone's heart and soul.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Ridiculed by heat,
they bend upon chance
to germinate life
on the floors
of tomorrow.
the hunch backs
of the dance.
Posing for a breath,
to yield
a sigh for rest.
A benison
to those without dreams,
to those who know not
what begets...
the story of the hunch back
and their hymns.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Am

I am a nobody
I am nothing
I am not anyone's lover
I am not anyone's parent
I am in possession of none
I am free from wills
I am free from ills
I am without wealth
I am without poverty
I am an empty vessel
I am full of knowledge
I am therefore I am
I am in need of nothing
I am in want of none
I am fine
I am joyful
I am sorrowful
I am all there is to be
I am what I do not see
I am greater than the universe
I am smaller than a speck
I am everything that I know
I am who I say I am
I am therefore I am
I am one
I am everyone
I am the noise
I am the silence
I am the cursed
I am the blessed
I am in your eyes
I am part of you
I am just another being
I am not alone
I am with you and you're with me
I am therefore I am, you are therefore you are

Monday, July 21, 2008

some families

some families are laced with tragedy
some families are don with fame
some families are cursed with poverty
some families are always at blame

some families are dismal autumn
some families are always spring
some families are winter's spurn
some families are summer's dream

some families are layered with tradition
some families are bound to culture
some families are knotted with conviction
some families are knitted to structure

how does your family fare?
how much or how little do you share?
when some families are fashioned by man
who are the people that makes up your clan?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hands Of Mine

i have hands that heal and hands that hurt
hands that feel and hands that flirt
i can love anyone with my tender caress
embrace everyone into my uninhibited arms
i can hold a hand and make a friend
i have hands that can slap a face
i can touch like a woman and hit like a man
put them together and say my grace
sometimes with these hands of mine
i wonder what music will they play?
they help me write my train of thoughts
and help me point the way
they are the tired ones
that hold me through dark nights
when no one offers to wipe my eyes
they keep me from the frights
they shelter me from the world
they embrace me like a child
they keep me from the cold
in a world that’s sometimes wild.
i may even steal, i may even kill,
if i am pushed to a corner against my will
these stoic, earnest hands of mine
are writers of my eccentric mind

Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthdays are like a box of dreams

Celebrating birthdays can be quite a heavy-duty task. I was asked recently by my friend how I wanted to celebrate it and what I wanted to do. After ... so many years of being around, birthdays are like another other days for me. What else can I do to make that day when I was born a little more memorable. I guess I did once, six years ago, and since then nothing could top that.

A friend told me she did rock climbing for the first time on one of her birthdays and my niece suggested I adopt a child on one of my birthdays to make it a day to remember.

I'm not one to observe festivities and special days and occasions as though they are meant to be good for the soul or something like that. I let them pass and slip through my fingers because I find them rather tedious when they are overemphasized with tangible indulgences.

I've enough hoards to fill up the cabinets, I've eaten the best food I could ever taste, I've wonderful friends who are always there for me and I've been to the pinnacle of my realization to last me a lifetime, what more could I ask for myself? Although I haven't achieved my million dollar mark - doesn't everyone go for that? - or have become a celebrated writer of sorts, or attain nirvana, I guess I'm okay with being the writer behind my blogs and then some...

The day after my birthday I caught the flu and ached from head to toe. Maybe that's something I could recall in the coming years though it's not quite an appealing thought. Even as I write now, two days after my birthday, I am still sniffling, sneezing and spinning like a horror writer being possessed.

Ahh ... what a day to reminisce. Maybe I could write a poem about it too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dotted lines

the dotted line says this ...
you have to sign here.
If you don’t
we can’t deliver.
But sometimes the dotted line
says otherwise.
Please tear or remove
to include as proof.
Eager dotted lines
tend to lead our eyes
to watch the direction
as we go.
Whatever it may be,
there’s one thing for sure
read before you mistake
the dotted lines for ants

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The costumes that people wear

People wear costumes to entertain each other
they wear them for culture and tradition
they wear them to deny themselves
they wear them to enhance themselves
they wear them to make a statement
they wear them to hide their shame
they wear them to party all night
they wear them to be alone
they wear them to be revered
they wear them to be heard
they wear them to die
When will we stop wearing costumes
and reveal our true naked selves?


Rummaging from her elusive world,
she objects to life,
she objects to live.
Macerating away
in the rainless desert,
where the skies are barren,
hanging around with the thieves of time...
sobbing at the beast.
And then,
when she breaks,
her fortress crumbles down.
You’ll find her
a laughing mourner,
a weeping clown.
Her insufferable mind
mothers the dark,
keeping her banished
from the eternal fire of the sun
and the after glow of the moon.
Her soul gropes within an incubus,
circling reluctantly without a thought.
All the world’s a zoo,
insanity is her God.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

They Do That To Children?

They frighten the child
and then ask him why he is a coward.
They stunt his creativity
and then ask why he is not resourceful.
They drum directives into his head
and then ask why he is not thinking.
They shout at the child
and then ask him why he is not listening.
They break him
and then ask why he is not strong.
They taunt him
and then ask why he is so sensitive.
They confuse the child
and then ask why he is so screwed up.
They indoctrinate him
and then ask why he is so conservative.
They push the child
and then ask why he pushes back.
They kill his dreams
and then ask why he doesn't aspire.
They destroy his vision
and then ask why he is not insightful.
They condition him
and then ask why he keeps repeating the same mistakes they have done before.

the boy i did not know

There was once a boy
who kept my art as his fav,
someone I did not know.
In the world of millions,
one tragic end of silence,
I never knew him,
I never knew him.
By the time I realized
that I had been appreciated
I was already standing at the door
where he left,
now he's gone,
now he's gone.
It's not how we surrender
to the hookwink of the world
and ignore the ones who know
about the bountiful
things to share.
It's how we change
one another
through our quietness,
through our songs and poem,
through our art and sketches,
through our spoken word
or through our presence
of just being there.
Perhaps I never knew this boy
who loved my work,
but I do know him
I do know him
because we were connected
for awhile
but now he's just