Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Failing Systems Of Today Will Not Make A Great Tomorrow

The system is falling, the system is falling ... and everyone runs helter-skelter to hide from the event of the 21st century and wait at the sidelines to see what gives. Almost every system that I know or read about is going haywire in today's instantaneous lifestyles. Piracy is deem as P2P sharing, technological gadgets are getting outmoded at the blink of an eye, school students are advancing faster than the teachers can catch on, the hierarchical organizations are on shaky grounds and political bureaucracies are falling apart. It drives some people crazy with desperation just thinking about it, but on the other end of the spectrum another group of people are basking in it. And that leaves the people in between switching sides every five seconds when the tide turns.

I'm wondering if we are prepared for the onslaught of change. Alvin Toffler had the foresight to write a few books about it dating back to 1970, and what he wrote is taking place now like a terrifying science fiction movie. In some countries people are reverting back to reclaim nostalgic moralities, which used to work for their ancestors and are implementing them now, while others who cannot accept the thriving information and communication technology are sabotaging them in more ways than one.

This chaotic syndrome is in need of new systems to supersede the defunct and redundant. But is anyone doing anything about it? Thankfully there are. Though small in quantity some people are beginning to realize the disintegrating tradition, culture and morality, as we know it. Understanding will solve more problems than using force to oppress a nation back into the ideology of 1984 or THX 1138. Whatever future we want to live in, it is now that we must anticipate the wave that is gradually building up and know what we are going to do about it before we are swept away by the failing systems.

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