Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hands Of Mine

i have hands that heal and hands that hurt
hands that feel and hands that flirt
i can love anyone with my tender caress
embrace everyone into my uninhibited arms
i can hold a hand and make a friend
i have hands that can slap a face
i can touch like a woman and hit like a man
put them together and say my grace
sometimes with these hands of mine
i wonder what music will they play?
they help me write my train of thoughts
and help me point the way
they are the tired ones
that hold me through dark nights
when no one offers to wipe my eyes
they keep me from the frights
they shelter me from the world
they embrace me like a child
they keep me from the cold
in a world that’s sometimes wild.
i may even steal, i may even kill,
if i am pushed to a corner against my will
these stoic, earnest hands of mine
are writers of my eccentric mind

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