Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason;
in the death of a loved one,
to the catastrophe and the losses
in war and the fatality of famine.
But what reason could there be?
For the suffering of his cancer
and the crying out in agony,
for the girl who was raped and beaten
where she was left out in the rain.
For the boy who was abused and killed
to the woman who has no rights
to be a woman of her own.
What have they done to warrant their demise?
Are the reasons the same for everyone,
of is it only for a chosen few?
Why must everything happen for a reason
when the reason doesn't seem reasonable
in our eyes and judgment,
in our tears and discontentment.
But they happen anyway
with or without our profound comprehension,
with or without our superficial lamentations
because everything happens for a reason
whether we like it or not.


Alexander M Zoltai said...

You've got some solid and profound wisdom in this poem!

Also, a touch of irony, which I like...

~ Alex

Julya said...

Thanks Alex ... nice of you to drop in.