Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ignorance Is Only Bliss When We Can Remain Foolish

Ignorance is such a lovely concept when one wants to do nothing to make sense of what is true to us. It is so easy to turn away and close our eyes to things we don't want to know, hear or see. Life is always easier when the thoughts are avoided and distractions are inserted.

Don't think of tomorrow, don't think of the problem, don't even try to make the world a better place because it's not possible. These are the usual litanies we chant to ourselves when darkness approaches. Things which are not considered normal, according to the unanimous vote of the majority, should not have a place to be there. Anything out of the conformed lifestyles of the community should not be regarded as good.

The distinction between good and bad is clear cut and there is never a doubt about it. When questioned, everybody inhales together and say things are just the way they are and imagined bliss is better than individualistic understanding or interpretation of the world. There are way too many philosophers as it is.

Living life with the inability to decipher the complexities of existence is much better than to go through a series of mind boggling sessions. Utopia does not exist on earth and everything will be fine when one dies and go to heaven to receive all the wonderful things which are waiting for them. Nothing could be better than this.

But what if you are waken up before you die? What then? One day when your make-believe life crumbles down like a house of cards where would you go for answers? Where do you begin to understand? You may have thought of yourself being exclusive but then as it rains on your parade you realize you're not alone. This world doesn't belong to you and your privileged friends and families only. This world belongs to everyone who has the same right as you are because they toil for it in their own fashion which may contradict yours. You figure out you'll be safe in your heaven when you get there and others can't. But what if you're wrong? What if your heaven is a place as lonely as your arrogance?

Then again, maybe not. Maybe you're right all along but be careful not to wake up just in case.


5erg said...

You write very well :)

Alexander M Zoltai said...

Very good post!

Especially the last line:
"Then again, maybe not. Maybe you're right all along but be careful not to wake up just in case."

~ Alex

Julya said...

Thanks you guys...