Monday, August 4, 2008


There could only be two voices in the head
that tells you what they said.
Like it or not, they contradict,
messes you up with the usual conflict.
Makes you want it and yet not
makes someone else upset in a single shot.
Sometimes the music plays softly and sweetly
sometimes they bang away like there's nobody.
The screams you hear in your nightmarish journey
get compensated in your waking dreamy reverie.
The voice of evil that is equally angelic
will come upon you when you are downright weak.
Listen to it with all your heart
and listen well to what it imparts.
Senseless as it drifts in and out of your mind,
get you into thinking who you are, what of a kind?
And you make it real for yourself when you do
because you know who these voices are, they're after all - you.

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