Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When You Are With Nature

When you are with nature
listen to the trees,
hear the running streams,
watch the clouds go by
while they transform and shape shift,
observe the birds as they glide and swoop,
pay attention to the sounds of insects,
look closely into a flower or a leaf,
investigate the minuscule life,
feel the coolness of the breeze
and the lightness of a zephyr,
smell the sweetness of the air
let the winds sweep you off your feet,
touch the textures of the wilderness,
embrace a living being,
taste the flavor in all things,
appreciate their existence without reason,
be educated by the love of the land,
because ultimately,
we are a part of our mother in the end.

An Islet In Me

I have an islet in me,
where roses and tulips bloom.
The charming clouds of ivory,
drifting in my pensive room.

All around the liberty sea,
limpets and reed roll out.
Maiden green pastures and lea
and love that never runs out.

The air is sweet and cool,
the beauty is a wide span screen.
Rainbow's ends and sunny rays,
and a lovely home within.

Lupin and mistletoe, robin and rook,
rhythm and rhyme, myrtle and brook,
Satyr and nymph, angels and doves -
my heart desires the book of love.

Smiles are forever, joys are unending,
hope is true and everlasting,
the colours here don’t ever fade
because here's where I lay my restless head.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I Die Everyday

I feel like I die everyday
when I go to sleep.
I lose my sense of identity
when I travel into the next realm
and go to bed.
I become someone else
someone I know nothing of
when I'm awake.
And she asks me:
Why do you worry about the irrelevant?
I asks her what irrelevance is to her
and she says:
What do you take with you when you die?
I thought for a moment and say:
So what is so relevant in this life
that cause you to worry so much
all the time?
Would you rather die everyday
when you go to sleep?
Or die all the time
worrying about nothing important?
She slips through my mind
when I opened my eyes.
I tell myself:
And because I die everyday
when I go to sleep,
I want to smile and laugh
when I'm awake.
I don't want anger to rule my life
and waste the rest of my waking moment.
I refuse to sulk in sorrow
about what other people say,
I want to do what I most want to do,
to fill my dreams with
a bagful of wonders.
I shall list down everything from
meeting an old friend for tea,
sharing an intimate conversation with
my loved ones,
sing a long to my favorite musical,
to walk among the giant trees
and fragile flowers,
be silly,
be crazy,
be me.
Because I die everyday
when I go to sleep,
I shall never know
if I'll wake.

Monday, September 22, 2008

To Walk Among Giants

To walk among giants
is to feel humble in all things large and small.
In a moment of peace and quiet,
to savor it when the wilderness calls.

Be comforted with a stray and wayward thought
that mightier things can be found if sought.
One tiny little step to take and ponder,
is larger than anything we believe can last forever.

To walk among giants
is to be greeted with grandeur,
even when the world is broken
and turn to dust and nothing more.

To walk among giants is an honor to behold
more than the greatest gift anyone can bestow.
What will I do when I grow old
if there are no more giants for me to know?

I shall trudge along with my drooping head
and lose all my blighted hopes and dreams.
As I pass the loneliness of the dead
I tell myself there used to be giant things.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

as i was walking along the sidewalk
this is what i saw
some majestic trees and foliages
against the open skies a door

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where Did It Go Wrong?

I hear the kids,
I hear them now
with excitement
in vivacity.
Theirs is simple fun.
A little laughter,
huddling under the blankets
and holding on to their giggles...
Ah, but when was I a kid?

To allow them
a little irresponsibility,
a little ignorance
to participate in their
innocent merriment...
They need no prearranged moments,
no appointments,
just spontaneous bliss...
Ah, could I have been a kid?

As an adult,
I am supposed to be
undeterringly matured.
I am supposed to know
what to do.
But still, I argue like kids do,
I sulk, throw a tantrum, pull a long face
like one too.
But how am I suppose to understand them?
Ah, perhaps I have never been a kid?

Why Are You So Afraid?

Why are you so afraid to lose your identity?
Why are you so afraid to lose your tradition?
Why are you so afraid to lose your generation,
or race or culture or religion?
Don't you know everything about us
is impermanent?
Don't you realize our time here is but
a brief moment
like the blink of an eye
compared to the stars and constellations,
cosmos and galaxies?
Why are you so afraid
that you'll kill someone
who has insulted you
or taunted your beliefs?
Will other people's words
make you any lesser
than you already are?
Why do you hate someone
so much that you're willing
to make a fool of yourself
just to spite him
and get all roused up
to upset your day?
The world waits not for you
even if you drive yourself
to insanity with your self denial,
your ignorance, your superfluous
ideologies that you refuse to
relinquish yourself from.
Why do you want to make it so hard,
so complex and mind boggling
to live a simple life that needs none
of those?
Why do you want to judge
the person next to you?
What good will that do?
You are so caught up with
your self righteouness,
you actually believe you are better
than everyone else,
that you are not part of
the conundrum of being human.
You raise yourself so high
you think you belong with
the saints and the gods
that you create.
But you talk about love.
You talk about it but
you don't know what it is
because you've never felt it
for what it truly is.
With no reservations,
no conditions,
no regulations
because love just is.
The question is,
why are you so afraid to love?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Relationships For The Restless

Relationship is all about curiosity. Curious at how he or she can bring comfort to us. Curious at how he or she performs in bed. Curious at what makes him or her tick and so on and so on. And then when we've had enough, and when the thrill is gone, before you can say 'I do', it's usually time to say goodbye. Unless, unless, that curiosity transforms and metamorphoses into something extraordinary call love.

Being curious is not a bad thing and it doesn't have to be. That is what makes scientists explore, artists express, writers imagine and other creative individuals invent. But does it kill the cat eventually? No, but obsession does. And between the two, the former is almost non life-threatening, of course that also depends on how one construes it.

Relationship is supposedly to be the first step to marital bliss, or so it was just a few years back. Society today are seeking for something more profound than a kiss on the cheek, a cuddle in the dark and a ring around the finger. With all the conveniences of divorce these days love affairs have taken a turn to mean something else altogether than just a mere song and dance of love and affection.

Relationship is also about finding someone you could ommunicate with, spend more time with, romp around with and feel good to be with. It may sound like a tall order but in truth it is not. There is no one made for you just as it is vice versa. If you feel there is someone made for you or at least expect someone to be that way for you it could be a painful discovery to find that there is none.

It's not like a hide and seek game or fishing from the pond of love, it's about getting to know someone for who he/she is and loving him/her regardless. Without expectations, without preconceived ideas, without a list of yesses and nos, you'll have a better chance finding people you love than those you don't. It's about give and take, it's about evolving together to a higher stage, it's about being there for one another and keeping the it all together.

If you're out to try someone for size, it'll take a long time to discover something more meaningful than good looks and great sex. But when you're young everything is beautiful and everyone is tantalizing and as you get older time is always running out and you're still searching for that perfect being that doesn't exist. You either become cynical, frustrated or desperate.

If you allow the movies to manipulate you, love songs to bewitch you and everyone else to confuse you than you will end up exactly how the rest of the world wants you to. You will be another sheep, another statistic, another victim caught in the system that will someday make you wonder why you're still restless and searching for that someone.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Fear is such a cowardly creature than comes to us when we are most vulnerable.
Fear is what we see in the mirror and in the reflection of other people's eyes.
Fear is where we find it where we imagined it.
Fear feeds on paranoia and mass hysterica.
Fear comes from the shallows of our profound life.
Fear is a reaction sparked off by ignorance.
Fear is what our forefathers taught us to embrace in times of duress.
Fear is what we feel when we don't know love.
Fear is what we care about when we are misguided by our ego.
Fear is all we have if we lie to ourselves.
Fear is all there is if nothing else exist.
Fear is the man who knows not who he is.
Fear is the woman about to lose her beauty.
Fear is the elderly taking one more step.
Fear is the child who is abandoned.
Fear is what we give one another when we feel disconnected.
Fear is what we are if that is what we seek.

Why do we not fly?

When we were younger
everything seems like forever.
But as we grow older
we know that nothing stays the same.
We long for the past,
of the days when we were naive,
and all the world's a carnival
and life is but a dream.
Sometimes we yearn for the forgotten
aching for the love that is lost...
we spend so much time trying
to retrieve and retract
and we forget the present.
We forget the people around us
instead we remember those
who are gone.
We keep hoping to go back
to the days of our youth
to find that something
that we missed.
We loath the thought of
but we don't realize
that it is because of that
we have new tomorrows ahead.
Everyday as we rise
we hang on to something
that isn't there anymore.
We lie to ourselves about
what used to be
when what is, is even more important.
While both our hands
are clutching to the chains
we still ask ourselves why
our lives are like stagnant water
that flows no where
and stays the same.
We refuse to read the signs,
we ignore the words of wisdom,
we avade the answers to the questions
we have been asking for a long time.
We just can't let go,
but we still reach out to the stars
while drowning ourselves
with the only thing we know...
fear of the tomorrow,
but we still won't let go.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Familiar Strangers

there are
so many of us...

in our little silentness...

looking out through the window
from the confinements
of our souls

A lonely man
jumps from the sky
A lonely woman
ends it with a knife

You take a handful of dreams
to dream it all away,
and here I am
all ready to say...

Shouldn’t there be light to lead us out?
Shouldn’t there be darkness to close our eyes?

If I were gone
before I took that chance
I would never come to be...

As I sit here all alone,
I know there’s still someone
very much like you
and also very much like me

We don't have to trudge
through this dreariness alone,
when we know we are all in this together,
you and I and everyone else are simply familiar strangers.

Glorify, glorify the Gratuitous

In all the moment's glory,
I sing a song of the story
of one who goes out on a limb.
To make his wayward soul a dream.
His denial in life has come to take
his life long work of a big mistake.
Ending his career in forgotten humor,
he cries at night to the sound of a murmur.
But the song remains in his universal peace
that has no boundaries and walls of limitations.
And nothing short of ignorant bliss
could be more comforting than any kind of recreation.
Like a river cutting through the hills,
to wash away the powerful imagery.
Like a man who hides away from his will
of the world's most insignificant glory.