Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Familiar Strangers

there are
so many of us...

in our little silentness...

looking out through the window
from the confinements
of our souls

A lonely man
jumps from the sky
A lonely woman
ends it with a knife

You take a handful of dreams
to dream it all away,
and here I am
all ready to say...

Shouldn’t there be light to lead us out?
Shouldn’t there be darkness to close our eyes?

If I were gone
before I took that chance
I would never come to be...

As I sit here all alone,
I know there’s still someone
very much like you
and also very much like me

We don't have to trudge
through this dreariness alone,
when we know we are all in this together,
you and I and everyone else are simply familiar strangers.


Alexander M Zoltai said...

Evocatively Beautiful !

Are you conversant with Eastern philosophies?

~ Alex from Our Evolution

Julya said...

Thank you Alex .. you make me smile...

I wouldn't say I am that familiar with it but I read whatever I can get to expand my understanding.