Monday, September 8, 2008


Fear is such a cowardly creature than comes to us when we are most vulnerable.
Fear is what we see in the mirror and in the reflection of other people's eyes.
Fear is where we find it where we imagined it.
Fear feeds on paranoia and mass hysterica.
Fear comes from the shallows of our profound life.
Fear is a reaction sparked off by ignorance.
Fear is what our forefathers taught us to embrace in times of duress.
Fear is what we feel when we don't know love.
Fear is what we care about when we are misguided by our ego.
Fear is all we have if we lie to ourselves.
Fear is all there is if nothing else exist.
Fear is the man who knows not who he is.
Fear is the woman about to lose her beauty.
Fear is the elderly taking one more step.
Fear is the child who is abandoned.
Fear is what we give one another when we feel disconnected.
Fear is what we are if that is what we seek.

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