Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Islet In Me

I have an islet in me,
where roses and tulips bloom.
The charming clouds of ivory,
drifting in my pensive room.

All around the liberty sea,
limpets and reed roll out.
Maiden green pastures and lea
and love that never runs out.

The air is sweet and cool,
the beauty is a wide span screen.
Rainbow's ends and sunny rays,
and a lovely home within.

Lupin and mistletoe, robin and rook,
rhythm and rhyme, myrtle and brook,
Satyr and nymph, angels and doves -
my heart desires the book of love.

Smiles are forever, joys are unending,
hope is true and everlasting,
the colours here don’t ever fade
because here's where I lay my restless head.

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