Friday, September 12, 2008

Relationships For The Restless

Relationship is all about curiosity. Curious at how he or she can bring comfort to us. Curious at how he or she performs in bed. Curious at what makes him or her tick and so on and so on. And then when we've had enough, and when the thrill is gone, before you can say 'I do', it's usually time to say goodbye. Unless, unless, that curiosity transforms and metamorphoses into something extraordinary call love.

Being curious is not a bad thing and it doesn't have to be. That is what makes scientists explore, artists express, writers imagine and other creative individuals invent. But does it kill the cat eventually? No, but obsession does. And between the two, the former is almost non life-threatening, of course that also depends on how one construes it.

Relationship is supposedly to be the first step to marital bliss, or so it was just a few years back. Society today are seeking for something more profound than a kiss on the cheek, a cuddle in the dark and a ring around the finger. With all the conveniences of divorce these days love affairs have taken a turn to mean something else altogether than just a mere song and dance of love and affection.

Relationship is also about finding someone you could ommunicate with, spend more time with, romp around with and feel good to be with. It may sound like a tall order but in truth it is not. There is no one made for you just as it is vice versa. If you feel there is someone made for you or at least expect someone to be that way for you it could be a painful discovery to find that there is none.

It's not like a hide and seek game or fishing from the pond of love, it's about getting to know someone for who he/she is and loving him/her regardless. Without expectations, without preconceived ideas, without a list of yesses and nos, you'll have a better chance finding people you love than those you don't. It's about give and take, it's about evolving together to a higher stage, it's about being there for one another and keeping the it all together.

If you're out to try someone for size, it'll take a long time to discover something more meaningful than good looks and great sex. But when you're young everything is beautiful and everyone is tantalizing and as you get older time is always running out and you're still searching for that perfect being that doesn't exist. You either become cynical, frustrated or desperate.

If you allow the movies to manipulate you, love songs to bewitch you and everyone else to confuse you than you will end up exactly how the rest of the world wants you to. You will be another sheep, another statistic, another victim caught in the system that will someday make you wonder why you're still restless and searching for that someone.

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