Monday, September 22, 2008

To Walk Among Giants

To walk among giants
is to feel humble in all things large and small.
In a moment of peace and quiet,
to savor it when the wilderness calls.

Be comforted with a stray and wayward thought
that mightier things can be found if sought.
One tiny little step to take and ponder,
is larger than anything we believe can last forever.

To walk among giants
is to be greeted with grandeur,
even when the world is broken
and turn to dust and nothing more.

To walk among giants is an honor to behold
more than the greatest gift anyone can bestow.
What will I do when I grow old
if there are no more giants for me to know?

I shall trudge along with my drooping head
and lose all my blighted hopes and dreams.
As I pass the loneliness of the dead
I tell myself there used to be giant things.

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