Monday, September 15, 2008

Where Did It Go Wrong?

I hear the kids,
I hear them now
with excitement
in vivacity.
Theirs is simple fun.
A little laughter,
huddling under the blankets
and holding on to their giggles...
Ah, but when was I a kid?

To allow them
a little irresponsibility,
a little ignorance
to participate in their
innocent merriment...
They need no prearranged moments,
no appointments,
just spontaneous bliss...
Ah, could I have been a kid?

As an adult,
I am supposed to be
undeterringly matured.
I am supposed to know
what to do.
But still, I argue like kids do,
I sulk, throw a tantrum, pull a long face
like one too.
But how am I suppose to understand them?
Ah, perhaps I have never been a kid?

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