Monday, September 15, 2008

Why Are You So Afraid?

Why are you so afraid to lose your identity?
Why are you so afraid to lose your tradition?
Why are you so afraid to lose your generation,
or race or culture or religion?
Don't you know everything about us
is impermanent?
Don't you realize our time here is but
a brief moment
like the blink of an eye
compared to the stars and constellations,
cosmos and galaxies?
Why are you so afraid
that you'll kill someone
who has insulted you
or taunted your beliefs?
Will other people's words
make you any lesser
than you already are?
Why do you hate someone
so much that you're willing
to make a fool of yourself
just to spite him
and get all roused up
to upset your day?
The world waits not for you
even if you drive yourself
to insanity with your self denial,
your ignorance, your superfluous
ideologies that you refuse to
relinquish yourself from.
Why do you want to make it so hard,
so complex and mind boggling
to live a simple life that needs none
of those?
Why do you want to judge
the person next to you?
What good will that do?
You are so caught up with
your self righteouness,
you actually believe you are better
than everyone else,
that you are not part of
the conundrum of being human.
You raise yourself so high
you think you belong with
the saints and the gods
that you create.
But you talk about love.
You talk about it but
you don't know what it is
because you've never felt it
for what it truly is.
With no reservations,
no conditions,
no regulations
because love just is.
The question is,
why are you so afraid to love?

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