Friday, October 3, 2008

The Circle Game

It just goes on like an endless Ferris wheel,
a carousel or the windmill
and it never stops. It doesn't stop.
The life of a dreary soldier
who has lost the fight
for his own existence.
The life of a victim
who has been ravaged
by the terrifying nightmare of death.
The wayward child
who has lost his way
to the world's end
and run out of places to go.
The life of the glamour and glitz
that swirls like the city smog
and disperses in thin air
of its despair.
The life of those in search,
looking for something
that isn't there.
Nothing satisfies, nothing feels right.
The spin of the hurricane
and the turn of the whirlpool,
the revolving door
and spiraling stairway.
It goes round and round
like the pirouette of a dance,
the gyration of the body
but when does it stop
its whirligig motion.
When will it stop?
Only when there’s too much to take?
Only when it’s too late?

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