Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lonely Cold

If I was a lonely cold
I would be
cold as the morning,
beautiful like
the icicles in the sun.
glistening like
silver sparkles on water,
but icy to a chill.
I would freeze everyone
silently, without a word.
I would leave everything
dry and stale,
hard and raw.

I would chase everyone away,
and keep them hidden
in their faux warmth.
I would be wintry
in my strangeness
like a beast.
I would bite
I would gnaw into you.
Ready to snap
your bleak moments
into two.

If I was a lonely cold,
I would be like a jaded soul.
I would walk upon
the nature's trail
and shed my bitter coat.
I would sleep in constant fever
and I would wake in steadfast cold.
But I would still
be a numbing frost,
And no one can melt
the ice of me.

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