Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Rain Watchers

I stroll along
the roads of disconsolation
I wonder everywhere ...
to find the sun
to search for the
meaning of being whole, being one.
Yet, the only things I see
are the people that stroll with me
looking for the stars
or nothing rather.
Here I am,
I, the rain watcher.

I wait in the shelter
to let the storm pass.
But I see,
only moving clouds
breaking into water.
Some, they hide with me.
Some, they just don't bother.
There I stand;
I, the rain watcher.

We walk aimlessly,
when the skies turn green.
At the moment
when it shall regurgitate.
Just as we do,
every now and then,
with what little we have,
with so much more unappreciated.
How we fall
like the consequence of the sky.
Drizzling, showering, pouring,
in sprinkles and in batches,
everywhere we go.
We are the rain watchers.

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