Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sometimes you’ve got to take some drugs
to keep away the pain,
Sometimes when you’ve taken a little too much
things will never be the same.
Sometimes you’ve got to cut a little edge
and take what life can offer.
Sometimes when you slice off just too much
you’ll know what it is to suffer.

Sometimes we need to fall
to feel the cuts and bruises on our skin
Sometimes we need to run
to wound our soles and calves and shins.
Sometimes we have to take a break
and leave the world behind.
Sometimes love is all it takes
to change the water into wine.

Sometimes you get so tired
of trying everyday,
Sometimes you feel like giving up
and simply lose your way.
Sometimes you want all things to end
so you can get out of the hell.
Sometimes it's not as hard as it seems
you've only got to be yourself.

Sometimes you wonder about the world
to know where you will fit.
Sometimes you come so close to madness
you think that's finally it.
Sometimes you lay alone in bed
while the world parties on.
Sometimes you know that inner smile
is all you need to carry on.

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