Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Three Shillings and Much Much More

He crouches at the square,
in a corner,
bobbing at knee level,
in the belligerent confusion -
of walks, of talks...
a renegade in our world,
intimidated by the loquacious machines,
his cilia twitches,
he breaks into a smile,
in the dark - of his darkness,
capturing only
the chimes of three shillings,
dancing on his dutiful tray,
just for today.

When will it ever stop? The thought of poverty feels like a foreign being, something alien to this world. How can there be abundance on one side of the continent opposing to the other? How can food be scarce and water is nonexistent and yet the rest of us all overwhelmed by them.

People, lots of people, are waking up to the idea that we are all connected whether we like it or not. To be able to share, like what we are doing right now through the internet, it gives us all a sense of hope and belonging to a place called earth where nothing and no one should be oppressed by any form of discrimination. The voice of the unknown and invisible cannot be ignored anymore. We are the voice now.

Elimination is just a fancy word to rile up for support. It is where we begin by being generous that will make the real difference. To be able to disrobe the identity 'mine' is the best step forward to make poverty history. By not placing value on inanimate objects will give us more power and faith over the truth. Because ultimately we don't own anything that we so eagerly claim. Not even the place we call earth.

Poverty is felt only when we take possession of things and people, when we separate what is ours and what is theirs, what language we speak and what religious paths we seek. Once we shed this illusion that we have donned ourselves with, impoverishment will be a thing of the past.

But it must begin with you.

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