Monday, October 13, 2008

To the Boys of Nowhere

Is this journey worth taking?
Sometimes you ask yourself.
Is the light ought to be shining,
bright enough to take you there?
To leave you in the desert:
barren, dry and full of hate.
They then beat the song out of you
until you hear their human rage!

When you were born,
you were an absolutely treasure.
But when you started out living
you find no truth in all the liars.
When they drill your mind with pulp religion,
strap you down on the stakes of redemption.
You try to turn around
and stand on up,
they shoot you down again
and tell you to shut up.

Is there hope for someone like you?
When the hope they give is confusion,
they show you what magic they do
with their gods of love and compassion.

How could anyone who flogs you
say they love you, believe you,
because they know what's good for you?
But their mouths keep chanting litanies,
praying for all that have died.
They peel away your dignity,
piece by piece they put it out to dry.
When they twist up all your sanity,
they just tell you not to cry.

What’s this madness of divinity?
In the counter movements where they perch.
Tell me to believe in your God,
and I’ll ask you where to search.
I know there is a greater source
than the minuscule things that we are...
To the boys of nowhere
How do you keep your souls?
the people who claim to be true followers,
are the ones who think they own this world ...

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