Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Chicken Or The Egg: The Human Plague

You say the traffic's always congested
but you drive alone in your big prestigious car.
You say the public transport's unreliable
but you tell yourself you would never sit with a stranger.
You say that the authorities are corrupted
but you're the first to offer them a bribe.
You are so afraid of being robbed
but you cheat little, cheat low anyway.
You say the world is an ugly place
as you remove every evidence of nature.
You blame everything on the influx of foreigners
but you're one of the locals who won't lift a finger.
You're always suspicious of everyone
and you wonder why friends are so hard to find.
You criticize everyone who is different
and you complain you feel so all alone.
You ask why your god abandoned you
when you leave your love out in the cold.
You always think of the worse that could happen
and you're curious why you feel sick and weak and old.
Tell me, which came first?
The chicken or the egg?
Do you see hope
or do you just shake your head?

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