Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Need To Know

Knowing what you can’t have forever
is an awful feeling to keep inside.
Knowing the one thing you can't receive,
is knowing that it hurts your pride.

Knowing how loneliness is all in a word,
knowing how quiet the sound it whispers.
Knowing how you will have to put on a smirk,
is knowing how to dream in the shadows.
And then we are the fluttering leaves
so soon we’re green, so soon gone.
Our hopes turn brown and dry and stiff,
in autumns and winters, everything falls.

Knowing life as it is,
is to know our existence shall one day cease.
Knowing ourselves through all our tears,
is knowing life in all our grieves.

We take time to try to know
as much as we can and as much as we do.
And then in the knowing we gather wants,
our needs become more too.
Should we choose to ignore and forget,
should we party away the blues,
sometimes they come back again
to crossroads we have to choose.

And then the body becomes restless
the head will throb with pain.
Our day collides and collapses
and the truth will pour like rain.

To know that nothing matters in the end
is the truth we have to face.
Of loves and lives and all our possessions
will turn to dust and particles in the space.
Knowing that our time is short
is to know that we live in fear,
in the world that cannot be sold or bought
we know that the time to start is here.

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