Sunday, November 9, 2008

T'was The Night When The Moon Bow Shone Down On Us

It was suppose to be a peaceful gathering for people who believed in the same course and who wanted freedom by having a good old fashioned candlelight vigil. But as it turned out, the authorities wasn't going to make it easy for anyone. They barred everyone from stepping into the open field and then the car park where they congregated. By 9.30pm the leader got everyone together at the entrance of the Amcorp Mall, said a few words, sang the national anthem and then dispersed the people, who were asked to walk off two by two. All the major roads leading to the field were blocked, so only the 300 or so managed to make their way there just to be disappointed again.

Like a bad movie with an anti climax, everyone left, except for a few who continued gathering at the PJ Civic Center where some 24 people were arrested. As for the rest of us who went home while we were walking back a friend noticed something in the sky and we all looked. There was a moonbow around a gibbous moon. It was like a sign. The image of an eye, as though someone is watching over us. And I felt like there was hope even in this darkest of nights. Just like Guy Fawkes being referenced in V For Vendetta.

Remember, remember the tenth of November,
The murders, the mayhems and man-made gods,
So here comes the bastion,
to show the world the treason,
of how long we've been trapped, keyed and locked.

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