Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Goodbye 2008

Ai Karamba! Another year's going going and another one's on the way.
What have I done, what did I do? Was it yesterday or is it today?
Made up stream, went down stream and got sucked into the whirlpool,
Seasons greetings and a Happy New Year, to you and you and you.

Cried at the movies, laughed with them idiotic ones,
Walked with mother nature, chilled out in the sun.
Skimped a little here and there, lavished on great feast,
Got a little closer to love and joy and all that I had wished.

Before it's gone, before it's over,
I'd like to hold your virtual hand.
And tell you bedtime stories
About things to come as when.

There's nothing to fear, nothing to hide from,
Dream your dreams and feel the power
Of your imagination and thought of creation.
Make it happen, make it real, cos' now is the hour.

Shed your old self and molt from the past,
Hang in there while you turn and digress
I shall whisper my words to you in dreams
And you will know - truly know - nothing is what it seems.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

In the Extreme Quietness, What Do You Hear?

I am at the mercy of the jarring sound of silence
as I wait for the rising of the sun.
My head pounds from the drive of life,
my body aches from overeating.
My mind weaves up dreams
and makes up inconclusive nightmares,
my spirit returns from a tedious journey,
almost, always searching for answers.
I've been away from myself as I get attracted
to city lights, fast foods, trends and recreations.
I forget sometimes about magical moments
that are unfurling at every juncture and emotion.
I hear too many rants and harangues
that aren't even real in every sense.
I am sometimes doused with people's fear of immortality
and the worry of other's misconception of eternity.
Won't you just take a walk down the road of extreme quietness?
and hear your heart that speaks of wisdom.
Won't you sit alone and calm your body
and think of nothing that spirals you into obsession.
Come home to where your spirit dwells,
come back to where you truly belong.
There's no black or white, there's no heaven or hell,
there's no good or bad, there's no right or wrong.
It's not the sights and sounds that are custom made
that makes you who you are with labels and chains.
It's the simple fact that our ignorance create
when we choose to live life in this disgruntled state.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Will All The Righteous People Please Stand Up

For those who condemn the sex workers,
for those who criticize the flamboyant individuals,
for those who measure beauty with an ugly yardstick,
for those who practice double standards,
for those who ostracize the down-trodden,
for those who dehumanize life for a set of rules,
for those who belief hell is on earth and heaven is a paradise only for the chosen ones,
for those who segregate people by color and creed,
for those who frown upon other people's alternative lifestyle,
for those who blame everyone else except themselves,
for those who claim to be the enlightened ones,
for those who accuse the criminals for their sinful ways,
for those who live in fear,
for those who talk so much about love but loves no one,
be the first to pick up the stone and fling it with all your might
and crack the skull that you are aiming for.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More updates on Chimeraworld #5

Mike unboxing the Five

The Melancholy Life of the 21st Century

I wake up in a daze
to check the clock to see the time,
like as though it mattered.
I get up to another day
and head for the laptop
to turn on my world.
My first impulse is to check my mails,
and my daily bookmarked sites
and then maybe play a crossword puzzle
or a codebreaker, before I go on
to my blogs.
Before I know it,
it's time to have some breakfast
if I can find anything to make.
I spend a little time
munching on bread
or ingesting the oats
and drinking my Milo.
With the pensive moment with my food
I think of things
and ponder about life.
Sometimes rushing for time,
sometimes asking myself where
I am going.
What is it all about
being human?
And then when I am through feeding myself
I go back to the computer
and try to make something out of it
while in the back of my mind
I know I still have to
brush my teeth, shower,
check the time again
to see if I have other
things to do besides
sitting in front of this machine
to exist...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am a confident fool

I am a confident fool
I know not why I can't.
I believe that underdogs rule
and life's an ever changing event.
I don't go by a set of dos and don'ts,
I learn from the best and worst.
Friends are not severed by distances and timezones,
lovers need not be a curse.
There is no one who is most right,
there is none so wrong whatsoever,
there is just the universe in our sight
and the love we know that's forever.
I am an optimistic romantic,
I live by the rules of nature.
I am one with all and everything
I enjoy my silence and adventure.
I don't think life prepares us for anything,
or mistakes and missteps and blunders,
but living is not about the journeying
through the mud and deserts and disasters.
Even when I have no food on the table
I look to the sky for relief.
Even if I'm finally old and disable
I will still find my assurance in a leaf.