Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am a confident fool

I am a confident fool
I know not why I can't.
I believe that underdogs rule
and life's an ever changing event.
I don't go by a set of dos and don'ts,
I learn from the best and worst.
Friends are not severed by distances and timezones,
lovers need not be a curse.
There is no one who is most right,
there is none so wrong whatsoever,
there is just the universe in our sight
and the love we know that's forever.
I am an optimistic romantic,
I live by the rules of nature.
I am one with all and everything
I enjoy my silence and adventure.
I don't think life prepares us for anything,
or mistakes and missteps and blunders,
but living is not about the journeying
through the mud and deserts and disasters.
Even when I have no food on the table
I look to the sky for relief.
Even if I'm finally old and disable
I will still find my assurance in a leaf.

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