Sunday, December 14, 2008

In the Extreme Quietness, What Do You Hear?

I am at the mercy of the jarring sound of silence
as I wait for the rising of the sun.
My head pounds from the drive of life,
my body aches from overeating.
My mind weaves up dreams
and makes up inconclusive nightmares,
my spirit returns from a tedious journey,
almost, always searching for answers.
I've been away from myself as I get attracted
to city lights, fast foods, trends and recreations.
I forget sometimes about magical moments
that are unfurling at every juncture and emotion.
I hear too many rants and harangues
that aren't even real in every sense.
I am sometimes doused with people's fear of immortality
and the worry of other's misconception of eternity.
Won't you just take a walk down the road of extreme quietness?
and hear your heart that speaks of wisdom.
Won't you sit alone and calm your body
and think of nothing that spirals you into obsession.
Come home to where your spirit dwells,
come back to where you truly belong.
There's no black or white, there's no heaven or hell,
there's no good or bad, there's no right or wrong.
It's not the sights and sounds that are custom made
that makes you who you are with labels and chains.
It's the simple fact that our ignorance create
when we choose to live life in this disgruntled state.

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