Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Melancholy Life of the 21st Century

I wake up in a daze
to check the clock to see the time,
like as though it mattered.
I get up to another day
and head for the laptop
to turn on my world.
My first impulse is to check my mails,
and my daily bookmarked sites
and then maybe play a crossword puzzle
or a codebreaker, before I go on
to my blogs.
Before I know it,
it's time to have some breakfast
if I can find anything to make.
I spend a little time
munching on bread
or ingesting the oats
and drinking my Milo.
With the pensive moment with my food
I think of things
and ponder about life.
Sometimes rushing for time,
sometimes asking myself where
I am going.
What is it all about
being human?
And then when I am through feeding myself
I go back to the computer
and try to make something out of it
while in the back of my mind
I know I still have to
brush my teeth, shower,
check the time again
to see if I have other
things to do besides
sitting in front of this machine
to exist...

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