Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Am the Hills

The hills are calling me home.
Everywhere I go,
from the luscious lawns
to the glorious gardens,
on the sun basking beaches
with the swirling sea.
From the city of illuminations
and the sound of festivities,
on road bound adventures
to the life of rarities
but the hills still beck me home.
I've been to the lowlands
and deep down in the valleys,
beyond man-made sculptures
and into wistful memories.
But my heart and soul
yearn for the mists
rising from among trees,
sunshine that warms the skin
where dewdrops lace the dreams.
I could sit and watch the breeze
ruffle nature's hair,
sway it to a dance
and fill sweetness in the air.
I hear them calling out to me
in the darkness of the early hours,
and in the lightness of my slumber.
They're waiting to embrace me
to take me home.
I lie in the heated day and wonder
how long more I could resist
the origin of my being.
In the silent moments
when all is well and still,
I belong to no one
I am the hills.

This World of Ours

This world of ours has no place for the weak,
the old and the meek.
You can cry a little
or cry a lot
but you will never be remembered
for your tears that time forgot.
This world of ours has no meaning to those
who do not step on toes and fingers
of everyone else who clamber for the top.
If your life is insignificant
you're a commodity that is naught.
This world of ours knows no mercy
and takes no prisoners
for it seizes and destroys
everything in its path
everything that can't last.
This world of ours is the way it is
from the manipulation and rape and plunder.
It's the way it is
because of the human factor.
Are you a contributor?
Aren't you also a creator?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And Then You Fall Sick

You have a great life.
Money is no concern.
Life is wonderful,
with vacations to faraway places
and assistants to take care of business.
Your family is together,
your faith is undaunted.
You have golf buddies,
and good friends,
so much to live for,
so many lands.
You need never worry
about the world's economy
or the status of a country
and the abject poverty.
Everything you ever wanted
in within reach
and everything you need
- there it is.
You don't have nightmares,
you don't sell your dreams,
you sip your champagne
and you keep the change.
There's no war in your backyard,
no elements of surprises.
You're far from fault lines,
catastrophes and disasters.
No need to be shy or bashful,
no need to be humble or meek,
everything's nice and beautiful
and then you fall sick.

Monday, January 12, 2009

High Points

What are the high points of your life?
Do you have any to begin with?
If not, why?
Was it that time when you first got your car?
Was it when you fell in love for the first time?
Was it when you discovered sex?
Is there anything else greater than all that?
Something that changed you forever?
Moved you and everybody else to tears
and inspired everyone to take a look at their own lives?
not that exceptional,
but still,
enough to be remembered.
Like when you scaled to the mountain top
and finally made it there.
Like the night when you watched
your play being staged.
Like once you cheated death
and survived through all odds.
What are the high points of your life?
If you have any.
Is your life a sham?
Or the best you could say
is when your won the lottery?
Or that year when your bonus finally came?
Is that what you consider
the ultimate summit of your existence?
Did you go to the ends of the world
to make something of it?
Did you willingly offer your time
to someone who needed it?
Did you win awards to lay them out on the mantel
so that guests would see,
and praise you for your achievements?
What would you consider
the high point of your life,
if you have any?

O How We Distract

O how we distract ourselves
with the internet and games and TV,
How we spend our time cooped up
in shopping malls and cinema screens,
in festive seasons and party scenes.
How we hide in them cosy restaurants
to feed our faces
and drown in spirits
in the darkened spaces.
There are moments when we grow weary
of the lives we lead,
of the things we do
and the things we don't.
But we go on to join the crowd
in their neverending jams
and inconclusive stories of their lives.
We deck up the homes
and stash up the storerooms,
We don on expensive garbs
to forget the gloom.
But that day will arrive,
that day when everything disintegrates,
that day when time stands still.
That day when the noise fades
and the clarity comes
and seep into our souls,
our beings, to shock us till we're numb.
O how we distract ourselves
and grow fat from gorging gluttony,
praying to the falseness of security.
But like the storm,
it shall pass and the sky opens up,
the sunlight gleams
on our stark nudity to hurt our eyes.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's the worst that could happen?

This year,
be aggressive
try as though you've got nothing to lose
don't give up
don't throw in the towel
don't give in
believe in yourself
keep away from dream killers
stay out of infernal affairs
be yourself
be assertive
say yes to what you want
say no to things that bother you
get out of the blustering relationship
make new meaningful relationships
tell yourself no more
enough is enough
set your goals
set your desires
awaken your inner being
let go of the hurts
let go of the past
let go of that nonsensical life you've been living
be brave
be bold
be assured you will not be alone
procrastinate no more
start by clearing your junk
and make space for yourself
go on and try
what's the worst that could happen?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Steady, Jet Set, Show!

He lives like a superstar,
he shoots off like a bullet,
like a nuclear head
towards Armageddon's fate.
He thinks he's made it
with his sporty cars and
fanciful friends,
he's what he claims to be:
The Man.
She's a Diva who flutters
like a bird.
And tilts her head upwards
to pretend to flirt
with the boys,
with the system,
with anything that
has no wisdom.
They are the jet setters
who fly by night
they are the gliterattis
who command the light.
Crème de la crème,
beau monde and high societies,
roll out the carpet,
bring in the monies.
Get steady, Jet Set and Show
what you've got
or you've got nothing
to really shout about?
When the make-up runs
and the luster fades
your eyes go bleary
and you're out of the race.
You will sit in a corner
when you're fat and bald and old,
Your life used to be a screamer,
now it's just cold.

Monday, January 5, 2009

You Don't Know

You don't know what it's like
to slow dance with someone that you love,
You won't know what it's like
to gaze at the starry sky above.
You don't know what it's like
to be one with the world,
You won't know what it's like
if you're always feeling old.
How will you know what it's like
to walk among the shady trees?
How will you feel the brilliant light
when darkness is all you see?
You've been running all your life
to chase that fleeting destiny,
When what you have is here and now
your most beautiful life that could ever be.
Where are you going in this journey?
Where are you heading to?
In the distant horizon of vanity
you'll be forever walking with just one shoe.
Don't you want to feel the breezy chill up in the hills?
Don't you want to touch the ocean's sand?
Don't you want to be a part of the thrill?
Don't you want earth to be everyone's land?
You won't know what it's like
to breathe the air that is fragrantly sweet,
When all you ever want
is to be blind and deaf and sick.
Don't you ever want to know?
What it's like to listen to the band?
Don't you ever want to wake up to
the song of life that holds you like a friend?
Have you ever felt the breeze running through your hair?
Or feel the raindrops rataplaning on your face.
Do you know what it's like be a part of birth?
Have you ever been embraced by unconditional love?
Why haven't you experienced this wonderment?
Of being alive, of being in the presence of mirth?
Where have you been all your life?
If not dredging the floorbeds with your worth.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let There Be Silence

People talk too much most of the time.
They try to justify their religions,
their politics, their laws and regulations,
their traditions and cultures.
They like to claim ownership
of everything they can own.
They talk about rights and duties,
they talk about success and responsibilities.
They just talk and talk and talk
about love and joy and hope.
But they don't go beyond talking.
Maybe one will go into the jungle
to live with gorillas or chimpanzees
and learn about life
through the eyes of mother nature.
Maybe one will travel to the ends of the world
to bring hope to others without conditions
from gods and the almighty.
Maybe another would live with the discarded
and snuggle them in her arms until they cease to be.
Maybe some will cultivate and share
their produce without monetary gains.
Maybe, just maybe, even the very few
believes that sincerity is the way to go
and expand relationships and communications,
and not the words they exchange or the language they speak.
Not yours or mine or theirs
that is more important
or more significant.
Maybe if we talk a little less
and show a little more compassion
that speaks volume,
that improves lives,
that changes what needs changing,
that brings us together,
closer to the direction
we all want to go to.
Let all the voices drown,
and all the noises dissolve
when you hold someone's hand,
embrace someone's wretched body
hear someone's story
because words are jarring sounds
that echo and reverberate from the emptiness
created out of fear.
Let there be silence,
let us be still.
Listen, listen,
do you hear what you heart conceals?

Everything Kills Itself In The End

Everything kills itself in the end.
Whether you are rich from your pickings
or poor without dignity.
Protected by your government
or denied by the policies,
born out of love
or raised out of hate.
You will die,
not from misfortune or
from force majeure
but by your own hands.
How you die is dictated
by your own doing
because deep within
you know
everything kills itself in the end.
You lie to yourself about living forever,
you feed yourself supplements
and pills and drugs approved by
businessmen and politicians.
You know you don't need anything
to survive and continue living.
But you prefer to be influenced by media
and commercialism with their flashy illumination,
but you know they are nothing but
images and illusions to make you need
something that you don't have a need for.
You are donned with jewelries and designer clothes
but you neglect your sanity and inner child
and kill yourself when you try
to make sense of good and bad.
We die because we want to.
Back in our minds, we wish for death to come,
swiftly, slowly or excruciatingly.
We see it in our dreams,
we find the path to our destination,
we make it real for ourselves.
Everything kills itself in the end,
what more do you want?