Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And Then You Fall Sick

You have a great life.
Money is no concern.
Life is wonderful,
with vacations to faraway places
and assistants to take care of business.
Your family is together,
your faith is undaunted.
You have golf buddies,
and good friends,
so much to live for,
so many lands.
You need never worry
about the world's economy
or the status of a country
and the abject poverty.
Everything you ever wanted
in within reach
and everything you need
- there it is.
You don't have nightmares,
you don't sell your dreams,
you sip your champagne
and you keep the change.
There's no war in your backyard,
no elements of surprises.
You're far from fault lines,
catastrophes and disasters.
No need to be shy or bashful,
no need to be humble or meek,
everything's nice and beautiful
and then you fall sick.

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