Sunday, January 4, 2009

Everything Kills Itself In The End

Everything kills itself in the end.
Whether you are rich from your pickings
or poor without dignity.
Protected by your government
or denied by the policies,
born out of love
or raised out of hate.
You will die,
not from misfortune or
from force majeure
but by your own hands.
How you die is dictated
by your own doing
because deep within
you know
everything kills itself in the end.
You lie to yourself about living forever,
you feed yourself supplements
and pills and drugs approved by
businessmen and politicians.
You know you don't need anything
to survive and continue living.
But you prefer to be influenced by media
and commercialism with their flashy illumination,
but you know they are nothing but
images and illusions to make you need
something that you don't have a need for.
You are donned with jewelries and designer clothes
but you neglect your sanity and inner child
and kill yourself when you try
to make sense of good and bad.
We die because we want to.
Back in our minds, we wish for death to come,
swiftly, slowly or excruciatingly.
We see it in our dreams,
we find the path to our destination,
we make it real for ourselves.
Everything kills itself in the end,
what more do you want?

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