Monday, January 12, 2009

High Points

What are the high points of your life?
Do you have any to begin with?
If not, why?
Was it that time when you first got your car?
Was it when you fell in love for the first time?
Was it when you discovered sex?
Is there anything else greater than all that?
Something that changed you forever?
Moved you and everybody else to tears
and inspired everyone to take a look at their own lives?
not that exceptional,
but still,
enough to be remembered.
Like when you scaled to the mountain top
and finally made it there.
Like the night when you watched
your play being staged.
Like once you cheated death
and survived through all odds.
What are the high points of your life?
If you have any.
Is your life a sham?
Or the best you could say
is when your won the lottery?
Or that year when your bonus finally came?
Is that what you consider
the ultimate summit of your existence?
Did you go to the ends of the world
to make something of it?
Did you willingly offer your time
to someone who needed it?
Did you win awards to lay them out on the mantel
so that guests would see,
and praise you for your achievements?
What would you consider
the high point of your life,
if you have any?

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