Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let There Be Silence

People talk too much most of the time.
They try to justify their religions,
their politics, their laws and regulations,
their traditions and cultures.
They like to claim ownership
of everything they can own.
They talk about rights and duties,
they talk about success and responsibilities.
They just talk and talk and talk
about love and joy and hope.
But they don't go beyond talking.
Maybe one will go into the jungle
to live with gorillas or chimpanzees
and learn about life
through the eyes of mother nature.
Maybe one will travel to the ends of the world
to bring hope to others without conditions
from gods and the almighty.
Maybe another would live with the discarded
and snuggle them in her arms until they cease to be.
Maybe some will cultivate and share
their produce without monetary gains.
Maybe, just maybe, even the very few
believes that sincerity is the way to go
and expand relationships and communications,
and not the words they exchange or the language they speak.
Not yours or mine or theirs
that is more important
or more significant.
Maybe if we talk a little less
and show a little more compassion
that speaks volume,
that improves lives,
that changes what needs changing,
that brings us together,
closer to the direction
we all want to go to.
Let all the voices drown,
and all the noises dissolve
when you hold someone's hand,
embrace someone's wretched body
hear someone's story
because words are jarring sounds
that echo and reverberate from the emptiness
created out of fear.
Let there be silence,
let us be still.
Listen, listen,
do you hear what you heart conceals?

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