Monday, January 12, 2009

O How We Distract

O how we distract ourselves
with the internet and games and TV,
How we spend our time cooped up
in shopping malls and cinema screens,
in festive seasons and party scenes.
How we hide in them cosy restaurants
to feed our faces
and drown in spirits
in the darkened spaces.
There are moments when we grow weary
of the lives we lead,
of the things we do
and the things we don't.
But we go on to join the crowd
in their neverending jams
and inconclusive stories of their lives.
We deck up the homes
and stash up the storerooms,
We don on expensive garbs
to forget the gloom.
But that day will arrive,
that day when everything disintegrates,
that day when time stands still.
That day when the noise fades
and the clarity comes
and seep into our souls,
our beings, to shock us till we're numb.
O how we distract ourselves
and grow fat from gorging gluttony,
praying to the falseness of security.
But like the storm,
it shall pass and the sky opens up,
the sunlight gleams
on our stark nudity to hurt our eyes.

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