Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Steady, Jet Set, Show!

He lives like a superstar,
he shoots off like a bullet,
like a nuclear head
towards Armageddon's fate.
He thinks he's made it
with his sporty cars and
fanciful friends,
he's what he claims to be:
The Man.
She's a Diva who flutters
like a bird.
And tilts her head upwards
to pretend to flirt
with the boys,
with the system,
with anything that
has no wisdom.
They are the jet setters
who fly by night
they are the gliterattis
who command the light.
Crème de la crème,
beau monde and high societies,
roll out the carpet,
bring in the monies.
Get steady, Jet Set and Show
what you've got
or you've got nothing
to really shout about?
When the make-up runs
and the luster fades
your eyes go bleary
and you're out of the race.
You will sit in a corner
when you're fat and bald and old,
Your life used to be a screamer,
now it's just cold.

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