Thursday, January 29, 2009

This World of Ours

This world of ours has no place for the weak,
the old and the meek.
You can cry a little
or cry a lot
but you will never be remembered
for your tears that time forgot.
This world of ours has no meaning to those
who do not step on toes and fingers
of everyone else who clamber for the top.
If your life is insignificant
you're a commodity that is naught.
This world of ours knows no mercy
and takes no prisoners
for it seizes and destroys
everything in its path
everything that can't last.
This world of ours is the way it is
from the manipulation and rape and plunder.
It's the way it is
because of the human factor.
Are you a contributor?
Aren't you also a creator?

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