Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trophy Dogs and Giddy Girls

What is it with giddy girls who are out to make a fashion statement by lugging and hugging around with them their trophy dogs? The many girls I have seen behaving like such are usually inconsiderate and inflated with arrogance and ego enough to fill up their harum-scarum heads. What surprises me most is their assumption that everyone they meet don't mind their adorable miniature domesticated canine babies they love to leave running around in other people's homes and public places. Although these ornamented pets can be quite well trained from incessant barking and wild demeanors they still leave behind crap where some of the highfalutin irresponsible girls could not give two hoots about. First, they expect everyone to love their darling pedigrees, then they expect everyone to tolerate them and then expect everyone to clean up after them. What runs through these girl's heads I wonder?

The idea of keeping pets by adoption and rescue is now lost with genetically engineered ones for prestige and modus vivendi. Buy them, show them of, pass them around and then discard them is a common practice among the devil-may-care girls. The shelter is overwhelmed with unwanted pets but the trend to own an adorable animal with accessories and trimmings, apparels and accoutrements are still commercially available for those who want to partake in this ostentatious ritual.

These toy animals, as they grow older, are usually neglected or left to fend for themselves because sooner or later they will lose their cuteness and their commercial value. The irony is genuine animal lovers would never treat an animal with disrespect and with short term affection. They are very cautious about housing pets whether in vogue or from adoption but it is the people who have very little time and accountability who love to display a pure breed in their arms because it's like so cool and oh so fabulous.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Most Memorable Valentine's Night 2009

I'm not one to uphold festivities and celebrations because a date is assigned to it or because someone said so. But this year, what started out as a horrible and possibly the worst day of my life due to some unfortunate news it ended with a amazing curtain call when I attended Torch Song Massacre at the Annexe.

Pang, as the usual rambunctious self, introduced us to his tips of love as he presented the stars for the night. Opening with David Gomes on a sad sad song ... I've forgotten what it was, he was joined by Junji Delfino and Shanthini Venugopal who gave us one depressing rendition after another before they closed with Carpenter's Hurting Each Other.

Rohaizad Suaidi made his special guest appearance a memorable one as he popped in and out with his ridiculous yet enjoyable serenade to unlucky audiences.

I loved Rohaizad with Llew Marsh's brotherly song I Know Him So Well and Shannon's Hallelujah and Menghitung Hati, Sherry's lovely voice and of course Azmyl's Bob Dylanish renditions. And the band that nobody knows what to make of is Panda Head Curry who brought the house down with the punk and political satire of the beloved country.

I never knew Valentine's day could be so enjoyable until I met people like these at the Annexe. If you were there to witnessed Chung Wei's umbrella dance you would know what I'm talking about and what better way to spend this overly commercialized day than with a bunch of heartbreaking singer-songwriters.

* Oops bloopers ... thanks Pang for the correction.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Dream of Love

Love has a lovely way to find you
if you let it.
It comes to your dreams in the scheme of things
if you want it.
It wakes you from your unconsciousness
so that you'll be
a part of true love and much more
if you just let yourself go.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Move Along

give up, give up, move on
don't hang around, don't hang on
you know what's good for you
you know what's better gone
don't sit back and relax
don't take it all in
you think things will get over
you think things will get good
but each time you make a wish
it means nothing but a load of shit
your life sucks because
you allow it to
your life's way off course
no one's the bigger fool
you deny yourself the right
to live life in freedom
you tie yourself too tight
and make hasty decisions
what's wrong with this picture?
what's wrong with your sight?
why do you put out the fire
when there's no more light?
it will never end
if you don't want it to
it will forever cramp
your life because of you
stop justifying
quit analyzing
making excuses
you either do something
or what the hell just go feed the fishes

Monday, February 2, 2009

Autonomy is Close at Hand

Forked tongue and iron fisted
gritted teeth and hard headed,
cocked eyed and upturned nose,
butter fingers and twinkle toes.
What do they want?
What do they want?
I cry with tears
I cry for fears.
Election and misconception,
misinterpretation and sedition,
imprisonment and incarceration,
disillusionment and corruption.
What do they want?
What do they want?
I cry without tears
I cry not of fears.
War crimes and untried criminals,
planned genocides and plotted massacres,
unfortunate civilians and conditioned soldiers,
blinded society and indoctrinated followers.
What do they want?
What do they want?
I cry with the voice of reason
I cry for the new dawn of freedom.