Monday, February 9, 2009

Move Along

give up, give up, move on
don't hang around, don't hang on
you know what's good for you
you know what's better gone
don't sit back and relax
don't take it all in
you think things will get over
you think things will get good
but each time you make a wish
it means nothing but a load of shit
your life sucks because
you allow it to
your life's way off course
no one's the bigger fool
you deny yourself the right
to live life in freedom
you tie yourself too tight
and make hasty decisions
what's wrong with this picture?
what's wrong with your sight?
why do you put out the fire
when there's no more light?
it will never end
if you don't want it to
it will forever cramp
your life because of you
stop justifying
quit analyzing
making excuses
you either do something
or what the hell just go feed the fishes

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