Monday, February 23, 2009

My Most Memorable Valentine's Night 2009

I'm not one to uphold festivities and celebrations because a date is assigned to it or because someone said so. But this year, what started out as a horrible and possibly the worst day of my life due to some unfortunate news it ended with a amazing curtain call when I attended Torch Song Massacre at the Annexe.

Pang, as the usual rambunctious self, introduced us to his tips of love as he presented the stars for the night. Opening with David Gomes on a sad sad song ... I've forgotten what it was, he was joined by Junji Delfino and Shanthini Venugopal who gave us one depressing rendition after another before they closed with Carpenter's Hurting Each Other.

Rohaizad Suaidi made his special guest appearance a memorable one as he popped in and out with his ridiculous yet enjoyable serenade to unlucky audiences.

I loved Rohaizad with Llew Marsh's brotherly song I Know Him So Well and Shannon's Hallelujah and Menghitung Hati, Sherry's lovely voice and of course Azmyl's Bob Dylanish renditions. And the band that nobody knows what to make of is Panda Head Curry who brought the house down with the punk and political satire of the beloved country.

I never knew Valentine's day could be so enjoyable until I met people like these at the Annexe. If you were there to witnessed Chung Wei's umbrella dance you would know what I'm talking about and what better way to spend this overly commercialized day than with a bunch of heartbreaking singer-songwriters.

* Oops bloopers ... thanks Pang for the correction.

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pang said...

I Know Him So Well was sung by Rohaizad with Llew Marsh. Jerome Kugan and Sherry was the act after David Gomes, Junji & Shanthini. Jerome and Sherry were the ones who sang Umbrella. :)