Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trophy Dogs and Giddy Girls

What is it with giddy girls who are out to make a fashion statement by lugging and hugging around with them their trophy dogs? The many girls I have seen behaving like such are usually inconsiderate and inflated with arrogance and ego enough to fill up their harum-scarum heads. What surprises me most is their assumption that everyone they meet don't mind their adorable miniature domesticated canine babies they love to leave running around in other people's homes and public places. Although these ornamented pets can be quite well trained from incessant barking and wild demeanors they still leave behind crap where some of the highfalutin irresponsible girls could not give two hoots about. First, they expect everyone to love their darling pedigrees, then they expect everyone to tolerate them and then expect everyone to clean up after them. What runs through these girl's heads I wonder?

The idea of keeping pets by adoption and rescue is now lost with genetically engineered ones for prestige and modus vivendi. Buy them, show them of, pass them around and then discard them is a common practice among the devil-may-care girls. The shelter is overwhelmed with unwanted pets but the trend to own an adorable animal with accessories and trimmings, apparels and accoutrements are still commercially available for those who want to partake in this ostentatious ritual.

These toy animals, as they grow older, are usually neglected or left to fend for themselves because sooner or later they will lose their cuteness and their commercial value. The irony is genuine animal lovers would never treat an animal with disrespect and with short term affection. They are very cautious about housing pets whether in vogue or from adoption but it is the people who have very little time and accountability who love to display a pure breed in their arms because it's like so cool and oh so fabulous.

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