Saturday, March 7, 2009


When I was younger religion taught me
to love my neighbors but hate my enemies.
But my neighbors were heathens
who spoke nothing but blasphemy.
It taught me about divine providence and worldly temptations
but wealth is a good thing to have in times of affliction.
And that it is alright to suffer for my faith
by becoming a martyr or fight like God's soldier.
It told me to segregate myself with unbelievers
and yet unite with God's children of every color and creed.
And I'd have to prepare for the end of times
but live everyday with optimism and good deeds.
That life is brief and full of tribulations
and living unhappily is a blessing.
That death is a joy to see the Kingdom of God
but suicide is an intolerable sin.
It taught me to live in poverty, obedience and chastity
to be the light, to be the salt;
I sometimes wonder about the leader's capacity
and why there is so much money in the vault.
I asked why God only have a Chosen few
they tell me to question not the Almighty's will.
I asked why the Book contradicts itself
they say I'm too human to understand it well.
How can we take an eye for an eye
when it says we're not to murder?
They say that's a question
only the wise can answer.
It taught me to love regardless
but most of the time it's reserved for members.
When I asked too many questions
they tell me faith does not inquire,
so I lay back in confusion
and dream about Utopia.
When I was younger religion taught me
to defend what is right and condemn the wrong,
but now that I'm older
the only thing I remember is the feeling of unbelong.

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