Friday, March 6, 2009

In Dreams We're Not

I had the strangest dream
that I was pure energy
and I disintegrated into the atmosphere.
I was still I
and yet,
I was everything and nothing.
I was my enemies,
I was my friends,
I was every leaf and dew,
I was every hair and skin.
I felt everything there was to feel,
and I felt nothing in my picturesque dream.
I was everybody's eyes
when I saw tears and pain and plight,
I was everybody's heart
when I felt joy and love and delight.
I felt one with man and woman
I felt young and old
I knew life as if on the sunlit snow
I knew death where the lights were low.
But in this dream
it was not a dream
it was vivid
it was lucid
and then I knew you
because you were me.
There was only one
and then there was everyone.
No barriers,
no intolerance,
no languages,
no thoughts.
Just us,
in dreams we're not.

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