Sunday, March 22, 2009

Milk is Susu, Running is Lari

For the past week I have been attending screenings which grounded me more on the truth about the world I live in and the stark corporeality of the situation that surrounds me. The first was organized by the PT Foundation and The Annexe Gallery for the screening of Milk under the Queer As Films for the concerns of the LGBT group. I thought it was just another one of the screenings like the ones I used to drop in on for the Kelab Seni Filem at Help Institute or what used to be Filmnet at the Stonor Center or even the Wednesday International Films at UM. But it wasn't. After the remarkable film with Sean Penn's outstanding performance we had Shannon Shah sharing with us the issues of the LGBT group in current times. His eloquent and mindful speech with consideration for everyone is informative and inspirational. Speaking with such optimism and wit he makes me feel like I want to go be a part of this wonderful metamorphosis that is to come.

Six days later on the 21st March on a Saturday I had another thought provoking afternoon watching Running. A documentary on the refugees' circumstance which is not pleasant or affirmative in any way. Directed by Mien Lor and produced by Suaram this is a straight-laced, non entertaining film that devoid a person of humanity and the sad part of it is the incomprehensible truth of how uncompassionate people can be even at this age and time of awareness. Mien gave us a brief moving account of her 'risky' adventure bringing this film to us and everyone who was there really appreciated her effort and Suaram's support. Some people realy make a difference.

These are the times to be awaken and to be counted. And as far as one can say 'it has nothing to do with me' sooner or later everything merges together, everything collides because everyone is connected one way or the other.

P/S By the way the Annexxe Gallery is a cool place to hangout if you've had enough with the mind-conditioning world outside.

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