Monday, March 16, 2009

When you're Angry with the World

When you're angry with the world
everything is wrong,
everyone's an idiot, a bastard or a bitch.
Life becomes meaningless
and death is always a welcomed visitor.
Your job sucks
your friends are hypocrites
and your family doesn't know who you are.
Your lover is more a burden
than pleasure
and you hate everything
that can be hated.
When you're angry with the world
no one can say otherwise.
You feel like shit every morning
and you drown yourself
with indulgences every night.
You'd like to kill someone
who gets in your way,
steal your parking space
or cut you in a queue.
You wish everyone would just disappear
and everyone deserves what's coming for me.
When you're angry with the world
you wish to get away,
you wish your life would see the sun
from the ghetto you dwell in.
You dream of beautiful things
and wonder why you don't have any of them.
You ask so many questions
but none get answered
and you go on making decisions
that make your life worse.
You pound at the doors of heaven
you claw at the gates of hell.
You scream and scream until you lose your voice
but the situation is left unchanged,
you're at the last rung of the ladder
you're hanging on by a thread...
But don't you know when you're angry with the world
you're actually angry with yourself.

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