Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Your Life Anyway

When you feel it all coming down on you,
you can't help but lose.
Hoping against hopes and wishing like a fool
and dying in the arms of madness that has no rules.
Is this just another wake for the dead?
Is this just other people's fate?
You go on wishing and that's all you can do
and what's left is the side of the story you'll never get through.
Give it up and tear it down from the walls of tomorrow,
spread it out and walk about with your head down in sorrow.
What's another day break, what's another night?
To live in a world so full of fright.
Don't look at us now, don't look at me
there is nothing for you to do here but to accept what's due
you can't make this mistake one more time
you don't want to get into something without rhyme
to hell with matters and all it's worth
you are going nowhere cos' you're still here on earth
dare me to believe in faith and destiny
and i'll come crawling back to life's eternal purgatory
let it go, i tell you let it flow
don't tell anyone says i told you so
it'll come for you when it comes to gather them
you can't run you can't hide out in the cold
do what you must but be aware
you'll grow old when no one's there
get a grip of yourself take you time
but if you take too long you'll lose your mind
so you don't know anymore
and you can't go home
you get hell of a lot
without their ridiculous plot
spare yourself now and go away
you don't want to see your weakness of the day
you're tired of talking you want to sleep
switch of the lights when you go, not a sound, not a peep

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